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Finding The Perfect Overcoat Size For You

The Platinum Tailors Mens Overcoat Size Chart

Like their name suggests, Overcoats are sized to be comfortably worn over an interior layer, like a suit jacket, blazer, thick cardigan or sweater. This includes these classic styles from us: The Covert, Double Breasted, Greatcoat and Long Coat. 

Bottom line, when ordering any Overcoats from us, there is no need to size up! If you know your suit jacket size, use that, otherwise take a measurement of your chest and match it to the chart below.

Also if you prefer a Tailored/trim fit, simply order 1 size down.

Rest assured we stand by our customers and if necessary, make it very easy to process an exchange just in case you get more than you were looking for and need to size down.

The most important measurement is the circumference of your chest. Measure your chest at its widest point.

With your chest measurement on hand, check the chart below to find your optimal size: 

 The Platinum Tailor Overcoat Size Guide

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